is the 3rd module in the Budget Boot Camp Program creating an effective budget!


RED represents most prominently STOP,

the secondary is DANGER,

third is RISK,

fourth is TROUBLE.


I don't remember spending that!

By exploring the red in your spending, you can identify the triggers, which allows you to define the difference between wants and needs, and empowers you to get a grip on habits that can be broken.


Are YOU 100% aware of everything you are spending your hard earned money on?


Do YOU struggle with never knowing how much you have spent until the money is all gone?


Have YOU ever questioned yourself as to whether what you purchased was needed or just wanted?


Things you won't have to do

Reveal how much you are spending

Stop purchasing what you need


Things you will want to do

Explore the Options

Watch the Video

Use the Worksheets


What you'll get

Straight to the point Video

Simple and clear direction

Easy to use Spending Workbook

Money Saving Spending Habits


Additional Benefits

Whey you know what you are spending you take control of your bank.  When you take control the mindset surprisingly will choose need over want and your spending will reduce.  When your spending reduces it will increase your cash flow.  And when you have cashflow you have the power to make decisions you would have otherwise not known you could do to obtain what you really need.

Spending can affect your debt load so by reducing your spending your debt does not increase and makes it more possible to reduce debt entirely.  We can't always get what we want, but we should always be able to afford what we need.


Get in the know and be prepared!


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Sylvia is a budget educator, speaker, and author who specializes in breaking the barriers of personal and small business money management. She is dedicated to helping you become the financially stable and secure person you most want to be.