is the 4th module in the Budget Boot Camp Program creating an effective budget!



When You travel down the road of MONEY,

and make a detour at BILLS,

only to hit a roadblock at SPENDING.

Certainly not the trip of a lifetime, but rather

a visit to the museum of FINANCIAL MADNESS.


Without a Plan where are you heading!

In this module, we reflect on what has been done in the past, review what we have yet to do, and move forward with clarity.


Are YOU 100% certain you have reviewed all the options available to you?


Do YOU Struggle with not knowing what direction to go?


Have YOU Ever wondered if having the right plan could make all the difference?


Things you won't have to do

Constantly struggle to know what you should be doing

Compromise everything and get nothing


Things you will want to do

Explore the Unknown

Watch the Video

Use the Worksheets


What you'll get

Straight to the point Video

Simple and clear direction

Easy to use Planning Workbook

A Plan you can Build from!


Additional Benefits

Taking the time to make a plan gives you perspective and a defined course of action that you can choose to take.  No one to tell you what to do, but rather a plan that will provide the options to available to allow you to set your own path going forward.

When we know what our options are it is much easier to see the direction to take, and by creating a step-by-step roadmap with success rewards along the way, we don't lose the motivation to reach our final destination of budgeting effectively to live better.


Included: Instructional Video, Step-by-Step Worksheets, Completion Certificate
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I am a Money Coach & I Love my Job!

Sylvia is a budget educator, speaker, and author who specializes in breaking the barriers of personal and small business money management. She is dedicated to helping you become the financially stable and secure person you most want to be.