Debt Repayment vs Saving Money

Debt Repayment vs. Saving Money

  1. Should debt repayment come before saving?

  2. Should saving come before debt repayment?


This free guidance includes:

  • What debt do you have

  • What do you want to save for

  • Order of Debt

  • How do you choose debt vs savings

  • Making a decision

  • What to do with extra dollars

  • Credit Repayment Basics

  • Saving Basics


Debt Repayment vs Saving Money

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Hello, as a Certified Financial Education Instructor [CFEI] I provide my services as a Money Coach for Individuals and the Small Business Entrepreneur.  Contrary to popular belief budgeting can be fun when you see how easy it is to budget effectively.

As a Budget Educator I work with people who have never budgeted, and those experiencing difficulty with their existing budget.  My Goal is to transition your income to work with your expenses and build a solid plan to go forward with.