It’s so easy to see something.

Identify how it could make your life easier. 

And react impulsively without reviewing all the facts first.


Learn all the key points to review

Transfer Fees

Annual Fees

Interest Rate Variations

Effect on Your Credit Score

Influence of Current Spending Habit


There is nothing more embarrassing than having to seek help regarding your finances.  Which is why my DIY: Understanding Your Credit course will give you all the info and a few tools to once again stand tall and walk proud and regain your buying power.

  • Create your own pay-down schedule with the calculator and see not only the savings but how much sooner you could eliminate that monthly payment.
  • Receive a free copy of your credit report, view it online, verify and fix what you didn’t even know was wrong.
  • Finally understand what you did, what you need to do, and what you will be doing going forward.

Is it time to recharge and

take charge of your credit?



I am a Money Coach & I Love my Job!

Sylvia is a budget educator, speaker, and author who specializes in breaking the barriers of personal and small business money management. She is dedicated to helping you become the financially stable and secure person you most want to be.