is the 2nd module in the Budget Boot Camp Program creating an effective budget!




AMBER represents most prominently CAUTION,

the secondary is THINK,

third is REVIEW,

fourth is REVISE


Bills - Where did they all come from?

By exploring the amber in your expenses, you can identify the warning signs, which will allow you to structure the boundaries, and define what is needed.


Are YOU 100% aware of how many bills you are obligated to pay in a month or year?


Do YOU struggle with never knowing when a bill is due or how much it will cost?


Have YOU ever wondered if there was an easier way to determine if you are paying too much?


Things you won't have to do

Tell anyone the cost of your expenses

Prove that you reviewed all your bills


Things you will want to do

Explore the Options

Watch the Video

Use the Worksheets


What you'll get

Straight to the point Video

Simple and clear direction

Easy to use Bill Workbook

Organized Expense Portfolio


Additional Benefits

When you know what your bills are you could save in service charges, increased payment

amounts, accept promotions that could reduce your costs.  Taking the time to review the

services you are paying which you don't even use or don't require any longer. 


Bills can determine your credit score and limit your ability to make a major purchase,

complete renovation, go back to school, get approved for a car loan, purchase an investment,

or qualify for a consolidation loan.  


Get in the know and be prepared!


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Included: Instructional Video, Step-by-Step Worksheets, Completion Certificate




Hello, as a Certified Financial Education Instructor [CFEI] I provide my services as a Money Coach for Individuals and the Small Business Entrepreneur.  Contrary to popular belief budgeting can be fun when you see how easy it is to budget effectively.

As a Budget Educator I work with people who have never budgeted, and those experiencing difficulty with their existing budget.  My Goal is to transition your income to work with your expenses and build a solid plan to go forward with.